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Friday, 8 April 2011

Stormy Weather

Hurricane-force winds: very strong winds
Blown: past participle of blow (blow, blew, blown) what the winds does
Scorching: very hot.
Heat: the noun of hot.
Melting: becoming liquid because of the heat.
Sweat: to lose water through the skin when you are hot, ill or afraid.
Fan: a machine with blades that go round to create a current of air.
Frozen: past participle of freeze = to become hard and often turn to ice.
Thaws: (of snow) to become water again.

Slippery: difficult to stand or walk on because it is very wet or icy.
Shivering: shaking a little because you are cold.
Sweating: losing water through the skin when you are hot, ill or afraid.
Got soaked: got very very wet.
Humid: warm and damp.
Melt: (of snow) become water.
Get sunburnt: have red skin because of having spent too long in the sun.


BrE / rɪp /  verb
1 [ transitive ,  intransitive ] to tear sth or to become torn, often suddenly or violently
~ (sth) I ripped my jeans on the fence.

Grab hold:
grab verb, noun BrE / ɡræb / verb
 ( -bb- )
1 [ transitive ,  intransitive ] to take or hold sb/sth with your hand suddenly, firmly or roughly
~ (sth) She grabbed the child's hand and ran.  -  He grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let go.

French window: noun [ usually plural ]
a glass door, usually one of a pair, that leads to a garden/yard or balcony

yard BrE / jɑːd / noun
1 ( BrE ) an area outside a building, usually with a hard surface and a surrounding wall
the prison yard
The children were playing in the yard at the front of the school.
2 ( NAmE )
( BrE gar • den )
a piece of land next to or around your house where you can grow flowers, fruit, vegetables, etc, usually with a lawn (= an area of grass)

NAmE / ˈɔːsəm / adjective
2 ( especially NAmE , informal ) very good, enjoyable, etc
I just bought this awesome new CD!
Wow! That's totally awesome!
awe • some • ly / BrE ˈɔːsəmli ; NAmE ˈɔːsəmli / adverb
awesomely beautiful  -  The issue is awesomely complex.

trance BrE / trɑːns / noun
1 [ countable ] a state in which sb seems to be asleep but is aware of what is said to them, for example if they are hypnotized
to go/fall into a trance

Interstate 5:
inter • state noun NAmE / ˈɪntərsteɪt / noun
 ( also ˌinterstate ˈhighway )
(in the US) a wide road, with at least two lanes in each direction, where traffic can travel fast for long distances across many states. You can only enter and leave interstates at special ramps .

motor • way BrE / ˈməʊtəweɪ / NAmE / ˈmoʊtərweɪ / noun
 [ countable ,  uncountable ]
(in Britain) a wide road, with at least two lanes in each direction, where traffic can travel fast for long distances between large towns. You can only enter and leave motorways at special junctions
busy/congested motorways
Join the motorway at Junction 19.  - Leave the motorway at the next exit.
A nine-mile stretch of motorway has been closed.
a motorway service area / service station
The speed limit on motorways should be enforced.

truck noun, verb BrE / trʌk / noun
1 ( especially NAmE )
( BrE also lorry )
a large vehicle for carrying heavy loads by road
a truck driver 


Click to hear the UK pronunciation of this wordClick to hear the US pronunciation of this word/tɔːˈneɪ.dəʊ//tɔːrˈneɪ.doʊ/ [C] (plural tornados ortornadoes(US informal also twister)


a strong dangerous wind which forms itself into an upside-down spinning cone and is able to destroy buildings as it moves across the ground


lieverb (POsition)


[I + adverb or preposition L] (lyinglaylainto be in or move into a horizontal position on a surface
to lie in bed  -   to lie on a beach  -  to lie on your side
A cat lay in front of the fire.
He lies awake at night, worrying.
A pen lay on the desk.
[I + adverb or preposition L] (lyinglaylainIf something lies in a particular place, position or direction, it is in that place, position or direction
There's an old pair of shoes of yours lying at/in the bottom of the wardrobe.
The river lies 30km to the south.
Cambridge United are lying third in the league.
The town lay in ruins.
The ship lies off (= is positioned near) the coast of Spain.
[I + adverb or preposition] (lyinglaylainto exist
The hardest part of the competition still lies ahead of us.
lie 2 verb, noun
BrE / laɪ /
NAmE / laɪ /
lies , lying , lied , lied ) [ intransitive ]
to say or write sth that you know is not true
You could see from his face that he was lying.
~ (to sb) (about sth) Don't lie to me!
She lies about her age.
The camera cannot lie (= give a false impression) .
see also liar
lie through your ˈteeth ( informal ) to say sth that is not true at all
The witness was clearly lying through his teeth.
lie your way into/out of sth
to get yourself into or out of a situation by lying
a statement made by sb knowing that it is not true
to tell a lie
The whole story is nothing but a pack of lies .
a barefaced lie (= a lie that is deliberate and shocking)

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