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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Let's Write

Breakfast Reading from the Village Voice Empire: The Chihuahua was only a few weeks old, and she'd just brought it home the night before. But after fighting with her boyfriend -- and the dog pissing on her leg and the floor -- she chucked it against a dresser. 
AR61: It is thought that the boyfriend got angry and tried to hang Holly. Fortunately, she could runaway with the dead dog in her hands. The neighbours heard all the fiting and called the police. Holly and her boyfriend went to the court. It is said that the sentence to Holly fro kill the dog was to take the neighbours' dogs for a walk for 3 months and the boyfriend ha to do community service.

Mile & Vero

Helen Dunsford, Occupation: Woman: Cancer Victim Tackles Bank Robber

Helen Dunsford is 66-year-old with stage 4 cancer, meaning she doesn't have long to live. But if life's betraying Helen, she's still showing up for life. She was at the Bank of America in Oakland Park, Florida when a woman in line pulled out a gun and told everyone to get on the ground...

Jasmine Cotter, 18, Won't Spend a Day in Prison for Killing Her Boyfriend

18-year-old Jasmine Cotter and her boyfriend, Damian Ruston, had been dating for three years. But last November, they got in a fight while they were driving along a highway near Ada, Oklahoma. They pulled the car over to the shoulder to continue the ill-fated discussion...
AR61: It is thought that the crime is manslaughter. It is believed that in a middle on the fight, he started punching her and suddenly she took the  fire extinguisher and hit him on his head; he died inmediately.
It is understood by the Oklahoma court that she was innocent because the murder was commited in self-defence.
Mariano y Alvaro

Shareka McKinney & Darell Livingston Beat Crossing Guard for Breaking Up Kids' Fight

Two 7-year-old boys were involved in a fight at Lyons Elementary School in Lansing, Michigan. So the next day, the boys parents decided their kid should end what started the day before. They drove the boy to the school, then told him to get out of the car and finish it....
 ​According to witnesses, mom Shareka Sharrett McKinney and dad Darell Livingston yelled at their son to kick the other boy's ass.
Last Thursday, firemen were called to the Midwest City, Oklahoma home of 60-year-old David Garrick and his 57-year-old wife, Rose. Neighbors had seen smoke and flames coming from the house. But this was much more than a household fire, firemen would soon learn...that their grandchild, Kyle Smith, had murdered them.
AR61: It is thought that Kyle killed them because he didn't want  his grandparents to discover his addiction and his job as a drug dealer.
It is believed that he called his friends to clean up the scene of the crime and help him to think how he could escape.
It is said that he was caught by the police and he was punished with one year of community service.
Verónica - Graciela & Mónica

UPDATE: The murder of Jayna Murray was far more savage than we originally reported. Police say her skull was crushed, she'd been stabbed repeatedly, and even her spinal cord had been severed. It all stemmed from a little shoplifting. 
AR61:The police said that crime of Jayna Murray is being solved. It is said that the main suspect is Brittany Norwood.
When de police received a call  from a store for shoplifting, found a woman who had  a wapon covered in blood within her clothes. After the investigation the police discovered that this woman was implicated in the murder of her coworker, Jayna Murray.
At  first when the police found the dead body thought that the woman was victim of a Rapist Attack, but they realized that the murder was far more savage than it was originally reported.
It is believed that Brittany Norwood murdered  Jayna Murray and it is thought that jealousy was the motive. She was arrested and She will be judged.
Inés, Martín & Danny

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