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Monday, 25 April 2011

Our own Stories - Weather

Inglés AR61 - 

I was 8 years old when there was a flood in Rosario. I remember that I was in a shop with my mum  when suddenly it started to rain. I thought that it was a normal rain, but I was wrong. It was a heavy storm.
We stayed inside the store to protect ourselves from the weather and because we felt scared.

I was very nervous when I woke up that morning because one hour later I had a test to get my driving license. I was going with my brother to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles when  I realized that the weather was foggy so we drove slowly to protect ourselves from it. I never felt scared but unfortunately I couldn't do my test that morning.

When I was 17, I went to the island with a friend of mine by Kayak. The weather was awful, there was a terrible heatwave but we didn't mind. When we were crossing the river I felt in danger because my skin was so red and I had done nothing to protect it from the sun. In conlusion, I spent in a bed the next two days.

Ice balls

On November 15th , 2006, I was coming home and I didn't know if I had to put the car in the garage or leave it outside because it was cloudy. I decided to leave it outside. The sky was getting darker but I didn't imagine what was coming.
I called Arnet in order to complain about an internet connection problem that I had been having. When I could start to talk with somebody, I heard that the wind was blowing hard. Suddenly, the hailstorm started.
The diameter of the hail stones was 6 cm. The phone call was interrupted. I went to the door thinking about parking the car in the garage, but when I tried to go out an ice ball hit me on my leg violently so I couldn't move the car.
After 15 minutes, the hailstorm stopped. Fortunately, the only damage on the car was the left window broken. However, the city was destroyed.

This happened on 9th July 2009 in a small town called Villa Cañás. I was sleeping when I heard the cry of my niece: "It's snowing!, It's snowing!. I couldn't believe it because in this area it had never snowed before so Immediatley I woke up and looked out to see how the snow had covered all the field. In every garden and every car all people made a snowman, then everybody went to around the square with their cars, one behaind the other blowing their horns. We were happy because it was the first time that we saw a snowfall.
On the other hand inside the houses we had run out of water because it had frozen.

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