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Thursday, 22 October 2009

JUST GOOD FRIENDS - Jeffrey Archer


Very few authors are capable of writing good books everytime and Jeffrey Archer is definitely one of those authors. He always writes very good novels and short stories. Just good friends by Jeffrey Archer is a good short story. It just seems to be a normal story till the last page when suddenly readers gets a twist in the tale and the last line makes the readers imagination throughout reading the book go topsy turvy. The story is a narration and the narrator starts the story on a morning. The narrator just wakes up on a morning and looks at the guy next to her sleeping. She thinks that the guy will not get up till sometime and starts remembering the initial days of their meeting. They met in a bar after her boyfriend cheats on her and goes away after making her pregnant. She sees the guy with whom she lives now at a bar and feels jealous of a girl who goes with him to bar. After twenty days when they break up the narrator feels very happy and goes to the guy’s side and sits there. The guy looks up at the narrator and softly touches her cheek and takes her home. They would be living in his house since then. When she gets out of her thoughts she sees him get up and go to the kitchen. He pours milk into his cornflakes bowl and in another bowl pours milk and offers that bowl to the narrator and she swishes her tail and drinks it happily. The author wrote the story in such a way that no one gets the doubt that the narrator is not a woman but a cat.


1. What do remember about Jeffrey Archer?
2. Who are the main characters of the story?
3. Who is the narrator? How do you know?
4. How did you find out the narrator is a cat?
5. When did you find out the narrator is a cat?
6. What does "she" say about herself?
7. Can you describe Roger?
8. Where did the narrator and Roger first meet? How was that?
9. Can you describe their relationship?
10. Were you surprised to discover the narrator is a cat? Why?
11. Did you like the story? Why?


  1. leo esta historia para poder ingresar al profesorado de ingles , entre otras mas. espero darla bien . por ahora muy buena narracion !!!!

  2. Very interesting!!! I couldn't imagine till the last page that the narrator was a cat :D very good narration!