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Thursday, 1 October 2009


Driving in Rosario
We think that these statistics are similar in our city, except the number 3. We think that driving at night is not four times as dangerous as driving during the day, it is only twice riskier.
In our city, specially in downtown, travelling is dangerous. In the rush hour there are traffic jams and people became really nervous. This is an extra risk.
In our opinion the punishment for dangerous drivers should be different. For some serious offences like going through red lights, driving too fast or drunkdriving the punishment should be strong. Driving licences shoul be kept by the authories and expensive fines should be paid.
Virginia Papini - María Mercedes Romero
Another View...
Driving in Rosario.

In Rosario, roads are very dangerous, because people don't respect traffics laws, and drive very fast. Specially motorcyclists that work as delivery boys, nowadays lots of people call for take away food and they have to carry it just in time.

We think that driving too fast is the main reason of accidents. And drink-drivers are very dangerous too, especially at the weekends. We considerer that police controls in the streets can help to reduce the number of accidents.

Besides, the age at which a driver is most at risk is probably under 25, because youngsters don't realize the possible consequences of their actions. We think that a possible solution could be to impose more severe punishment to offenders, such as suspending their driving licenses.
Román Lattanzi

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