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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

File 3 Future Perfect / Continuous - Passive Vocie

Future Perfect/Continuous


1.I will have taken up some risky sport before my 70s.
2.Motorcyclists will have to take road signs more seriously. Otherwise they will be punished; they will be paying fines soon.
3.We will be taking notice of street accidents when more people die.
4.I will have finished my research by next year. Take your time to send me the information I need.
5.“I am going to take advantage of this minor accident and he will be paying for the damage”, the crashed car owner said.
6.The skydiving competition that is taking place here will have finished by Friday afternoon.

Passive Voice

1.It is said that the teacher has to take up driving lessons because she’s caused many accidents. – (I disagree!!! MS)
2.Fernando Alonso is said to be taking part in the Monte Carlo annual race.
3.She is believed to be a very good mother. She takes care of her children with love.
4.It is thought that people who take things easy are involved in fewer accidents.
the baby is said to take after her mother.
5.Chris Angel is known to be a man who always is taking risks.
6.It is said that the president is not taking any good decision since the 125 Act/Law.
Written by AR61 Students

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