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Thursday, 6 October 2011

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If you’re short of time in Rosario you should visit the Flat Memorial  where you can go upstairs and enjoy a wonderful view of the city and the river.
Then you can walk along Cordoba street to see the Cathedral and a historic building which is the Post Office.
We suggest having a cup of coffee at the "Cairo Bar" and going to the river bank seeing the Spanish Park and College, the Art galleries and Rosario-Victoria bridge.
If you want to go dancing at night, I strongly recommend going to Madam which is one of the best places to meet new funny people.
Another way  to enjoy Rosario is visiting Independence Park where is possible to row a little boat in a fabulous and romantic lake.
Verónica y Moni

If you visit Rosario, you'll find a friendly city, you should walk along the river bank which has a big green area, where you'll feel a peaceful atmosphere. Then, suddenly the landscape changes because you are in the town centre where you can see historic buildings e.g.The cathedral, The Stock Exchange Building, and if you look up you can appreciate magnificent domes, which show an old  wealthy period in Rosario.

If you have time, you ‘d love walking along a nice promenade Bv Oroño, from  edge to edge where you'll find many "petit hotels".
Daniel Detti e Inés Suarez

Shopping - Food and Drink in Rosario

There are several places to visit if you want to go shopping, for example Córdoba pedestrian area, the two main shopping malls, Alto Rosario and Portal, or the flea market and fairs, located by the riverside which are opened at the weekends.
A good souvenir to take back with you could be a "mate", it is a pot where the typical Airgentinian drink is served, or some santafesinian alfajores.
If you visit Rosario you should go to the gastropubs by the riverbank which serve river fishes and Argentinian meat, an you can drink the local wines. In fact there are a lot of very good places to eat all around the city, but you should avoid eating in the streets, you might find some "carritos" which sell sausages, burgers which may not be healthy at all.

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