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Sunday, 23 October 2011


These report describes various options for tourists who want to enjoy and have fun in Rosario.
1.When you share great moments with friends.
Eating out:
Bars - If you prefer something cheap there are lot of places where you can eat pizza, “lomitos” (special meat sandwich) and typical “picadas”.
Parrillas - You can normally taste typical meat here, the majority of barbecue restaurants are on Wellright street or in “Pichincha” neighborhood.
Special Restaurants - There are many places which serve high quality food such as, Restaurant in  The City Center Casino, RosTower Hotel, Ferro, Wembley.

2. When you want to spent a long night out:
Pubs -  you can normally get something easy and fast to eat like pizza or “Carlitos” and something to drink. You can get a table and listen to good music and after two o´clock in the morning you can also dance.
Discos - The majority open around midnight. There are no food and tables you can drink everything   that you want and dance all night long.There are cheap and expensive discos, you can also choose according to what kind of music you like.

3.- When you want to see or be part of a “Tango Show”
Rosario is well known for the creativity of his local artists, who fill entertainment guides with their shows displayed on the wide local net of the theaters, pubs and restaurants. On the stage you can see shows or take part of “Tango parties” where you will learn to dance and will enjoy great musicians playing this genre.

4- Some advice related to entertainment:
  • Be careful, some places are dangerous late at night.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to find a taxi late at night
  • You had better book table before going to the pub or Restaurant particularly on a Friday or Saturday night.
  • Remember to check the hours before going to the theatre and be punctual, You might not enter if the play has already started.

Inés Suarez, Martín y Verónica

Sport Facilities in Rosario

This report describes various options for tourist who want to enjoy local sport events.
1. When you want to see the most popular sport
Football - The mayority of local people support one of the two main football teams. Generally they play at the weekends and nearly always the stadiums are crowded and people cheer all the match.
Hokey - Nowadays this sport has become very popular mainly for women because our female national team called 'Las Leonas' has won a lot of championships recently.
2. When you want to feel a most familiar atmosphere
Rugby – Although this is a sport played by strong men, most of the people who go to these matches are families or friends and when the match ends the players share a kind of meeting known as “3rd Term”.
3.When you want to enjoy “high class” sports
Tenis / Golf - In general these sports are practised by people who have a better economic situation. Most of the facilities are situated on the outskirts of the city because of the size of the fields or the courts.
Some general advice about sports facilities in Rosario
-          If you choose football take care not to buy the popular side tickets, it tends to be more dangerous than the other seats.
-          If you want to go to a very special match, make sure you buy the tickets in advance, especially at the weekends.
-          Be careful - Many people became nervous after the match if the team they support lost.
Bruno Panero, Federico

There are many options to enjoy a weekend in Rosario
1.When you want to eat out and enjoy a weekend and enjoy the landscape.
River bank: If you want to eat outdoors it is a good idea to go to the Paraná river bank where there are a lot of restaurants to choose different kinds of meal and prices.
Water Sports: you can rent a boat or take the ferry to go to the island and spend a nice day in contact with nature.
2. When you want to see a good film or a theatre play
Cinema: the best place  to go is the Showcase Cinemas. There is a variety of films for all tastes. The seats are comfortables and the sound is great.
Theatres: There are famous theatres and an Opera House called El Circulo, where the International Language Congress was held in 2009. Interesting museums are another option.

3. Some general advice
  • If you want to stay in a particular hotel, make sure you book in advance, specially for "long " weekends.
  • Be careful if you want to go shopping because during certain public holidays the shops are closed.
  • Be aware, many restaurants in Rosario are very expensive, you should check the menu before ordering.
Noemí Georgina

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