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Thursday, 8 September 2011



Label the sections below with different types of media. Most types have more than one section each.

guest, FM, AM, long wave, short wave, frequency, local, NPR, receive/ pick up, listen to, broadcast,
remote control, high definition, couch potato, channel hopping, commercial break, reality show, cable, satellite, announcer, anchor, documentary, live coverage,
static, tuner, podcast, DAB/ digital, turn the dial, turn up, turn down, on air, DJ, talk show, interview, traffic news, weather forecast, newsflash, World Service,
weather forecast, (Nielsen) ratings, switch channels, the zapper, soap opera, sit-com, breaking news, talk show, quiz show, prime time, on air, VJ, pop video, telly, telly addict,
popcorn, PG, X, trailers, the credits, B movie, review, producer, director, green screen, CG, subtitles, sequel, prequel, drama, IMAX, cartoon, Western, musical, horror, 15, 12, U, outtakes, special effects/ SFX
broadsheet, tabloid, editorial, classified ads, obituaries, crossword, your stars, sports pages, headline, reporter, editor, subeditor, columnist, column, the press, paparazzi,
caption, interview, (entertainment) listings, circulation, newsstands, newsagents, photographer, Sunday supplements, travel section, celebrity gossip,
interview, subtitles, rolling news, cameraman, miniseries, drama, rerun/ repeat, the box, terrestrial, listings magazine, CNN, game show, viewer, infomercial, current affairs, costume drama, episode, contestants, shopping channel,
extra, stuntman, box office, star studded, blockbuster, black and white, wildlife documentary, projector, censor, shoot, rom com, 3D glasses, drive in, double bill,
cartoon, candid camera, flat screen, surround sound, the watershed, dish, black and white, travel programme, broadcast, cop show, aerial/ antenna,

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