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Friday, 20 May 2011

Thre Is Nothing That We As Individuals Can Do To Prevent Climate Change

Nowadays, people are worried about the environment because of the latest catastrophies around the world. But what can we do as individuals to avoid this phenomenon?

Firstly, it is believed that industries, airplanes and cars' emissions, for example, contribute to increase pollution and disorder in the environment, which  answers to these aggressions, trying to keep the oeiginal balance.

Secondly, people know that goverments are not so worried about the planet as they are about the economy or the money they produce. In these days they seem to take measures to take care of environment, but these aren't enough.

Finally, it is known that the community, particularly we, as individuals, in our houses or our jobs, generate a lot of rubbish or emissions or do many negative things which endangers the environment.

In conclusion, we as generators of problems, can become the savers of our planet. It is necessary to work as a team and think that our children are the ones who will suffer the consequencies of our acts today.

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