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Sunday, 22 May 2011

There is nothing that we as indivuals can do to prevent climate change

     Nowdays,  scientists predict that climate changes will occur in the future. These changes will bring serious problems to our planet and our lifestyle. I think we have understood and so we are taking action for the environment, but I believe it is not enought If governments all over the world do not cooperate.
Firstly, the governments must take actions to reduce CO2 emissions because the impact over the ocean and the atmosphere will be dangerous.
Secondly, governments would have to teach people to protect the environmet in different ways. In my opinion there are several things that we can do, for example: use bikes o public transport and drive less, use only energic-saving light bulbs, recycle paper, glass, plastic; whereas each person has to realize the damage we wil have to face in the future.
Finally, governments by means of schools, should begin now to teach children to take care of the enviroment and encourage people to support enviromental organizations.
In conclusion, I believe that it is difficult for us as individuals to prevent climate changes, but If the governments and people take actions toghether, the damages  on the planet will be minor and we will be better.
Ines Suarez

Lately we have been listening to talk about the climate change in the mass media, scientists discuss about the risks that climate change will have brought to aur world. I think that individual actions can not solve this important problem.
Firstly we think that all the governments of the world should to get join to fight together, because the problem of the Climate change does not depend of one country, it involving all the nations.
Secondly the governments have to take immediate actions for example: controling in the factories pollution, develop programs to recycling paper, glass and plastic and encourage to reduce the water consumption.
Finaly it is urgent that every body take awareness of the serious damages that all we will have in the future if both, governments and people does not change many habits for a healthy life in the future.
Marin Catoni, Daniel, Ines Suarez

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