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Friday, 13 May 2011

Japan's children play safe

Fantasy Kids Resort
A great place to take your kids! Spend a day at Fantasy Kids Resort for only 990 yen. Or you can pay by the hour of 420 Yen an hour or 210 Yen for 30 min. You must first become a member to enter the resort. That will cost you only 315 Yen. Click here for the application translated.
Almost everything inside is free! once you pay your entrance fee that is.
There are about 15 bouncy houses of all shapes and sizes. 
Electric driven cars and motorcycles to race around the track.       
Golf putting range   Big sand pit 
A rock climbing wall 
Video arcade, yes these are free also!   
At the restaurant there is even places for the kids to play while the adults eat slowly. Only bad thing about the restaurant is they sell beer named child's beer, go figure.     
There is even a nice relaxing chairs for the big kids to relax in while watching a show.     
Best part that my daughter enjoyed was dressing up as a princess and then taking pictures with a back drop. They have several dozen costumes for the little ones to dress up in, along with a few for mom and dad (Japanese size that is).
How to get there. Fantasy Kids Resort is located on the 3rd floor of Daiei.
By Train: Take the Odakyu line to Ebina Station. (Two stops from Sobudaimae station) Follow the map
By car from Camp Zama: Go out the main gate and turn right. Go 3 lights (approx .6km) and turn left toward Ebina City.
Turn right (approx. 1.5 km) at light (zama police station) and go on Route 51. Go approx. 3.1km and turn left at "Y" before Lawson.

Cross over railroad tracks. At the next light (.6km) turn left. Go approx. .7km turn left, park in Daiei on right side.
Grab a parking ticket and take inside with you and ensure you have it stamped prior to leaving so you don't get charged for parking. Good up to 5 hours. Click here for map.

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