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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

More Compositions about the weather

The Storm:

This happened in january 2010,I was at home in the countryside. The day was beautiful with a gentle breeze and a warm sun  but around midnight a heavy storm with strong winds and hail began. The storm caused the electricty to fail.
The next morning I woke up and the storm was over, but the strong winds and hail had caused much damage.
When I went out walking I found fallen trees and the river had fooded the land. Despite the damage caused by the storm, the next day was beautiful and there weren´t weather alerts for the rest of the week.


The Storm

I don't remenber when this happened, but I remember why it happened.
One day I went to my office at 8 o´clock, the weather forescast had given notice of a heavy storm but I didn´t know that the rain would be a problem.
I didn´t realise when it started to rain, but it poured for hours.
My office only had a window trought which it was impossible see the street.
That day I and my office mates didn´t know about the storm consequences when we went out to our houses. The roads were flooded, the side walks wer destroyed,  there was no energy and at the parking of the Mega Supermarket, nearly 100 cars were floating because the parking had flooded.

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