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Monday, 28 September 2009

A day in the life.

The worst thing that happened to me with the weather was in November of 2007. Usually it is one of the most scorching and sunny months of the year, that kind of weather is typical in Rosario, but one day of that month was different from other November days.

You might wonder why that day was so different from the others days. Well, that afternoon, I had arrived home from University, when suddenly the sky got dark. A lot of grey clouds appeared very quicky from nowhere. I didn't give that too much importance, because I thought that it must have started to rain.

But, I was wrong, because surprisingly, lightning and thunders started to apper in the sky. The scene seemed like a great gig in the sky or a huge symphony which was playing in the air.
And suddenly, it started to rain. At the beginning it was a normal and typical rain, but time after that, huge ice boulders started to fall, it was hail. The hail size wwas similar to that of a big apple or an orange.

Afterwards, all the windows of my house started to break down, so immediately I went to the garage to open the great gate that we have in this place. The idea was that we had to try of save the windows, because to repair all the damage would be so expensive. So hail was a terrible problem.

However, the main trouble was when I was beside the gate, because ice boulders were hitting me in my legs and knees. While I was standing there feeling the pain in my legs, my little sister laughed at me as if I was a crazy clown dancing under the rain. I saw her and I couldn’t believe the situation, so fortunately I could save my legs and left this place.

So, in conclusion, my legs ended up bleeding, but the gate and the window were saved. Still my sister is laughing.

Fernando Ribecco.

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